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Mentoring Is Desperately Needed in the Black Community

Mentoring is needed in the African-American community now more than ever before.

When Barack Obama was elected as POTUS in 2008, the world was assured to see an uptick in academic improvement amongst African-American males. Pride amongst young African-American boys would swell, and we would see a new generation of black leaders, academics, and professionals pursuing excellence after witnessing the historical election of the nation’s first African-American president.

Instead, what statistics show, is a continuing decline in leadership and achievement in school amongst African-American males. In some cases, there is a flat-out disdain for education and being perceived as a smart in school. When I was in school it was a badge of honor to get good grades. Now many of our boys are dumbing themselves down to fit in.

2014 article on statistics of black males in the classroom reports only 54 percent of African-Americans graduate from high school compared to 75 percent of their Caucasian and Asian peers. Many of these African-American males are from single-parent homes and do not have fathers in their lives.

Countless African-American boys in this country are being raised by women who are doing the very best they can but face tough challenges especially when a boy becomes a teenager. Some mothers coddle their sons to the point where their sons can’t function in society. Some of these young men feel entitled, and they feel like everything should be done for them. If you are doing everything for and making excuses for your son stop it now. You are not helping him by doing this. People in the real world expect him to act like and will treat him like a man, not like you have been treating him at home.

Why mentoring matters? Young men are in a lot of trouble. Many young African-American men today do not care about education, their appearance, or hard work, and many of them do not have respect for their elders or women. This does not apply to all young African-American men, as there are some out there that are doing, and trying to do the right thing and are the complete opposite of the young men.

There are positive effects of mentoring, and the positive change it can bring to a young person’s life. There are angry young men with low self-esteem who enter mentoring programs and turn their lives around in a few years with the help and guidance of positive male role models. Anytime, you can spend with a child is worth more to them than you can imagine. The problem is there aren’t enough mentors stepping up!

We need to start holding ourselves, our children, our teachers, and our school administrators accountable when it comes to our children’s education. When we do this; we will finally stop the pipeline that goes from African-American neighborhoods straight to the local detention centers, and prisons.

In earlier decades, nearly every man in the neighborhood was a mentor. They made sure young black males stayed out of trouble. They made sure they were behaving, and they made sure they were safe and taken care of. All a child needs to flourish is for someone to teach them, take care of them and look out for them. Anyone reading this article is encouraged to become a mentor to a child and a donor to a mentoring program. Do it today, because there is a child out there that needs you.

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About Perry Busby

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About Perry’s Time at Prairie View A&M

While pursuing a Computer Science degree at Prairie View A&M University, Perry started his first business, Pyramid Programmers, where he developed educational software for elementary classrooms. The business prospered for two solid years but dissolved after Perry graduated and was hired as a programmer for a Fortune 100 technology company. After working for two major tech companies; NASA (contractor) and with an energy and petroleum the software company.

In 1997 Perry established Intellect Technology (IT), a technical service consulting firm.  IT had an extensive client list, inclusive of the Federal Reserve Bank [Dallas] and the Houston Technology Center, among a host of federal, state and city political campaigns. Intellect Technology flourished in spite of the technology bubble burst in the early 2000’s. Perry’s passion to see other young minority children gain an interest in technology led him in dedicating time and service to a host of revolutionary programs; including serving as program director for Houston’s

About The Buzz’s Franchise’s Future

About The Buzz’s Franchise’s Future

Nothing Can Stop Us! Perry’s passion in seeing young minority children gain interest in technology led him to spear a host of revolutionary programs; including serving as program director for Houston’s 5th Ward/HP i-community, a 3-year, $3M philanthropic program sponsored by Hewlett-Packard.  Perry also served on the board of Houston’s IT Empowerment Consortium (HITEC), a think-tank for non-profit organizations. HITEC focus addressed urban communities’ technology issues and forming the Association of Minority IT Professionals (AMITP), a bridge between minority IT professionals, small businesses and corporate decision-makers.

In 2004, the Congressional Black Caucus recognized Perry’s efforts by inducting him as one of the first Community Technology Champions. Perry turned his attention to writing stories about his adventurous and nerdy career. In his debut novel, The Hacks of Life shares a young man attempts to step out of underneath the shadow of his father and his successful private detective business, only to find out that the firm is introducing the first Internet browser while attempting to cover up nefarious hiring practices. Unbeknown to him, hiring Perry into the firm is part of their deceptive plan.


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